About Us

The qôket blog features daily beauty, fashion, and lifestyle advice, tips, and product reviews as well as news about our upcoming boutique. Ran by veteran beauty blogger, Christina Pham (Chrissy), qôket will be the ultimate bible for for your #sleepygirl lifestyle. 

What’s a #sleepygirl?

As the name suggests, a #sleepygirl is someone who enjoys being comfy! But more than that, it’s someone who lives life to the fullest while still managing to stay cozy and practice self-care. #sleepygirl came into fruition when Chrissy was first floating style directions for the upcoming qôket boutique, and realized that more than just wanting to offer trendy and cute apparel to the modern woman, she wanted to offer products that fit her own sleepy lifestyle. As a work-from-home web developer and designer, Chrissy spends much of her day in her pajamas, surrounded by everything she needs to make her apartment and office the ultimate sanctuary.

From the outside looking in, a #sleepygirl might just seem lazy, but really they are bosses who have figured out how to slay at work and in life, while still managing to stay comfortable and have plenty of time for naps. 

The qôket boutique will offer a variety of products, including intimates, cozy apparel that can double as loungewear or streetwear, home accessories, and beauty products. We hope to launch the boutique before the end of the year, so keep checking back! 

About Chrissy

Christina Pham – or Chrissy – is an award-winning blogger, previously of myCosmeticBag. After taking a break to focus on her career, she’s back and better than ever, ready to blog about her sleepy life and share her thoughts and ideas about fashion, dating, beauty, and more! 

Chrissy is also a web developer and designer with over a decade of experience working across multiple industries, including technology, financial services, and advertising. Working in a male-dominated field since she was 18 years old, Chrissy has a lot to share about how to be heard in an industry where there are not a lot of female voices. 


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