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Women describe the dumbest things they’ve cried about while on their period

The other day I found myself crying because my nephew’s new shoes were about as big as mine and I felt he was growing up too fast. So, to make myself feel less silly about how emotional I was being, I surveyed the women on my Facebook feed about the most ridiculous things they’ve cried about during their period or while PMSing. This is what they had to say:

1. A tale of two squirrels

“Two weeks ago, I made up a story about two squirrels playing in a tree (while talking to the dog) and made myself cry because one squirrel was misunderstood.”
— Kelly,

I really want to hear this story. Do the squirrels resolve their differences? Were the two squirrels friends? Lovers? Sworn enemies? You left me on a cliffhanger, Kelly.

2. I want to speak to your manager

“Jack in the box doesn’t serve smoothies after 9pm. Chipotle was out of guac.”
— Alyson,

Clearly crimes against humanity! I think I cried once because I super wanted a chocolate shake around 2am, was too lazy to go anywhere and tried to Uber Eats it, but McDonald’s had already stopped serving shakes. So I totally get it, girl.

3. Cookies and Scream

“My Oreo Cookie cracked and the center was no longer whole.”
— Honey,

Once, my cousin untwisted all the Oreos and ate all the creamy centers. Then he put the cookies back together and meticulously placed them back into the bag, knowing I was looking forward to eating them after school. I didn’t cry, but I was pretty pissed.

4. This housewarming gift

“That Zillow commercial where the husband is deployed to Afghanistan and the wife has to choose the house by herself, but he comes home in the end.”
— Roxanna

Yeah that got me right in the feels too. This is the commercial where the husband is waiting inside the house with a big bouquet of flowers when the wife and kid walk into their new house for the first time. Here’s the commercial below, try not to shed a tear when you watch it:

5. Uncooperative Hair

“I was curling my hair and one of the curls just wouldn’t sit exactly how I wanted it to.”
— Eva

I’ve gotten so frustrated with a lock of my hair for the same reason that I took a pair of shears to it, so you handled it a lot better than I did.

6. The cold sting of rejection

“Chanel (one of my dogs) wouldn’t give me a cuddle when I asked, and proceeded to run away.”
— Kimberly,


I think it’s pretty obvious that us ladies can get hormonal when Aunt Flo is in town. It’s perfectly normal, so try not to feel embarrassed. Crying is good for you, anyway, and it’s a great release! Think of it as monthly emotional maintenance. 


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