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4 Beauty Trends That Beauty Bloggers Wish Would Die

With beauty trends constantly coming and going, it’s hard to keep up with which trends are on their way out. Regardless of what you read, you should definitely do your makeup however you want – if you feel beautiful, that’s all that matters! Love them or leave them, these are the trends that beauty bloggers are tried of seeing:

1. Wacky Brows

Cassie from Southeast by Midwest Beauty is sick of seeing the wacky brow trend all over Instagram, and so am I. This is one trend I was never on board with, and it’s frankly the stuff of nightmares. Fishtail brows, braided brows, squiggly brows… it all needs to stop. 

2. Caked on Foundation and Heavy Contour/Highlight

Several beauty bloggers I asked, including Kathyrn from, Courtney from, and Anastasia from named caked on foundation and overly contoured faces as one trend they wished would go away. Technically, the cake-face and contour could be considered two separate trends, but the consensus remains that less is more. All over YouTube, we see too many gurus putting sixteen pounds of foundation, contour, and highlight on their faces, which might look great on camera but looks way too extra in real life.

Lately, I’ve been loving light to medium coverage foundations that are buildable and dewy so you can cover problem areas but also let your freckles and natural texture show. 

3. Using crazy objects to apply makeup

This is another makeup trend I could never abide. I guess it makes for a fun video, but I have to wonder if people are really using their Louboutins and tampons to apply their foundation. “I never want to see someone use a fidget spinner to apply their contour or a knife to get their liner on again. Besides being too dangerous… they also don’t work,” adds Jennifer from

4. Drying Matte Lipsticks

I’m okay with seeing a matte lip every once in a while if perfectly applied, but I’m tired of seeing them everywhere I go. “They’re no fun to wear, and they can really look bad if not applied precisely,” says Jennifer from Let’s bring back the glossy lip! Lately, I’ve found myself reaching for this Blossom Lipgloss I bought from Urban Outfitters almost every day.

Honestly, I’m tired of seeing the same face of makeup all over social media – the homogenous Kardashian look that has taken over the internet and bled into real life has got to expire. Once upon a time, I was that girl who slathered ten layers of makeup on my face every morning before work, just for it to look crazy under harsh fluorescent lighting. This type of look is fun and can feel glamorous once in a while, but I wanna see women mixing it up and letting some of their real beauty shine.



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