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6 Ways You Know You’re a #SleepyGirl

From the outside looking in, a #sleepygirl might just seem lazy, but really they are bosses who have figured out how to slay at work and in life, while still managing to stay cozy and have plenty of time for naps. Keep reading to find out if you might be a #sleepygirl too!

1. You hate wearing clothes

Sleepy girls hate wearing clothes.

It’s uncanny how the clothes you started the day in miraculously end up on the floor. Whether you love spending the day in your underwear, or even completely nude, you’re definitely a #sleepygirl if even the notion of having to wear clothes ruins your day.

2. You have lots of comfy pants

Maybe being naked all the time isn’t an option for you (in which case, I feel sorry for you). Maybe you have roommates, or maybe you live with your family. Maybe you just have guests staying with you. This is why you have an arsenal of comfy pants to wear when you’re around company. 

The best comfy pants are made with soft material and either don’t have a waistband or one that’s comfortably loose. Nothing’s worse than feeling the effects of your pants’ vice-like grip around your waist at the end of the day.

3. Bralettes are your best friends

Sometimes wearing a bra is unavoidable, and when you do have to wear a one, you can’t be bothered with the modern torture device known as an underwire. Bralettes are your go-to undergarment and come in a wide variety of styles, from casual to kinky. That’s why we’ll be selling lots of them when we open the boutique!

4. You have no concept of time

Unfortunately, being a #sleepygirl during the day often means you come alive at night – at least, it’s that way for me. I’m more productive, and time seems to really move a lot more quickly at night. I’m basically a vampire. On the flip-side that also means I tend to sleep in. Last Saturday I didn’t wake up until 3pm! No one in my life knows what time they should call me they don’t ever know when I’m awake. And forget about regular mealtimes… I didn’t have dinner tonight until 9pm. 

5. You’re a professional TV-Binger

streaming season 2 GIF by Portlandia

You’re constantly running out of things to watch on Netflix, but you’ve pretty much watched it all. There’s no better way to spend your weekend than curled up on the couch, binging an entire season of Shameless, and God help anyone who disturbs your progress. 

6. Sleeping is your superpower

sleeping is your superpower

This one is a pretty obvious #sleepygirl trait, but you loooovveeee naps. I mean LOVE naps. Personally, if I don’t get my mid-day nap in, I get legitimately mad, and this #sleepygirl turns into a #grumpygirl pretty quickly.

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